The 2010 Adobe/Intel Application Lab Event


The website: was originally built as the landing page for information about the Adobe/Intel Application Lab event held on July 21, 2010.  This site would be where one could sign up. The event aimed at AIR developers** looking for ways to distribute and monetize their applications. Aimed at a 20-30 year old audience, the Lab event was free with pizza & beer being provided along with prizes being raffled off. Since the space was limited, it was necessary to register, hence the website.

I attended the actual event with several seriously tech oriented cohorts. We were intent in winning a prize or two as well as the thousands of dollars that were purportedly available. I was especially interested in the fashionable styles of North Face jackets from an onlone site that were offered for the first place finish in the contest in which I felt I had a more than excellent chance of winning. I love NF jackets and my fleece was over 5 years old, so it was time for a new one if only I could knock off the competition with my coding skills. To my delight, I handily won the jacket, but unfortunately it was way too large - might have even been a mens version. However, I asked the Lab organizers if I could trade it in and swap it for a more suitable size. I was discouraged from doing this, however, after the event, I contacted NF directly, explained the situation and they very happily exchanged the jacket - I was able to actually get the exact product I wanted, even though it was not offered originally as a prize! After a very intense day we would chill out in our hotel room playing poker at one of our favorite online casino US friendly sites. Well some of us would play poker, and you know who would prefer to play free online slots which may have been the wiser course since we were playing for real money and he wasn't. In 2010 is was still tricky to find friendly US player online sites. Jump ahead a few years and now we all take for granted the ease in which we, US players, can play at online casinos, but it wasn't all that long ago that our conservative legislators decided they didn't want US citizens to have access to online casino sites. Sure, it was fine to go to a landbased casino, but no no to gambling online. Thank goodness the 2006 the UIGEA laws have lightened up and credit card companies are no longer shying away from allowing to fund gaming accounts. Anyway, the event was great, two of us won Adobe Creative Suite and the memory was sweet enough that I wanted to recreate the original site.

Consider the resurrection of this site for historical purposes or for nostalgic reasons. Your choice

**Adobe AIR is a cross-platform runtime that enables people to use their existing Flash/ActionScript or HTML/JavaScript development skills and tools to build and deploy applications, games, and videos outside the browser and / or on mobile devices.

Adobe noted in the summer of 2010 that Flash had landed on Android with the result that some great games were already up and running on Android devices. They predicted that it  would only get better from here.  As an incentive to get those creative juices flowing from AIR developers, Adobe joined forces with 3 different partners to offer 3 different contests during the summer of 2010.  There were thousands of dollars up for grabs, in addition to prizes such as copies of Adobe Creative Suites.

Were you there for one of those events?  I was and I can attest that there were plenty of excited Adobe AIR developers who joined Adobe & Intel for the discussions about new revenue opportunities for the Intel AppUp Center. They also announced the release of the Adobe AIR SDK . The Adobe® AIR® SDK & Compiler would provide developers with a consistent and flexible development environment for the delivery of out-of-browser applications and games across devices and  such platforms as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.



Let’s journey back to 2010………

The 2010 Joint Adobe - Intel Event

If you are an AIR developer who has been looking for an easy way to reach millions of users and make money, join us for this joint Adobe - Intel event. Learn more about what Adobe and Intel are doing to help you distribute and monetize your AIR applications.

We will talk about the business opportunity and how you can take advantage of the service immediately.

Event Details:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adobe Systems Office

601 Townsend, San Francisco, CA 94103 

Parking will be extremely limited in the Adobe parking structure however, there is street parking available.


4:45 PM - Registration Begins 
5:00 PM - Beer & Pizza Served 
5:30 PM - Flash Platform Services Overview (Adobe) 
6:00 PM - Intel AppUp Center Business Model and Opportunity (Intel) 
7:00 PM - Technical Deep Dive (Adobe) 
8:30 PM - Staffed Open Lab (Adobe and Intel)

Prizes will also be raffled off during the evening.


Adobe Customer Briefing Center

601 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Tel: 415-832-2000

The San Francisco office is conveniently located downtown in a newly renovated, state-of-the-art facility. Visitors here can engage with experts on mobile solutions, as well as the Flex™ and Breeze® product lines. In addition to two formal briefing rooms, the San Francisco office is home to the Mobile Living Room, which is ideal for showcasing Adobe solutions on mobile phones and devices. If you are interested in a more extensive briefing with Adobe senior executives and experts, we invite you to visit our Customer Briefing Center at our headquarters in San Jose.

For more information about the Adobe Customer Briefing Program, please contact your account representative to schedule a briefing.


The San Francisco office is located at 601 Townsend Street, at the corner of Townsend and 7th Streets. The parking structure is located next door at 609 Townsend Street. The entrance to the structure is at the rear of the building and can be accessed via the alley behind the buildings, parallel to Townsend Street. Please make sure to get your parking ticket validated at Reception before returning to the parking lot.


Directions from San Jose (and San Francisco Airport)

  1. Take US-101 North toward San Francisco.
  2. Take Vermont Street exit onto Mariposa Street.
  3. Turn left onto Kansas Street.
  4. Bear right on Townsend Street.
  5. Adobe offices will be on your right, at 601 Townsend Street.

Directions from East Bay (and Oakland Airport)

  1. Take I-880 North toward Oakland.
  2. Merge onto I-80 West toward San Francisco.
  3. Exit 5th Street toward US-101N/Golden Gate Bridge.
  4. Make a sharp left onto 5th Street.
  5. Turn right on Townsend Street.
  6. Adobe offices will be on your left, at 601 Townsend Street.

Directions from North Bay

  1. Take US-101 South toward San Francisco.
  2. US-101 becomes Lombard Street; continue on Lombard.
  3. Turn right on Van Ness Avenue.
  4. Turn left on Eddy Street.
  5. Stay right, cross over Market Street, and Eddy becomes 5th Street.
  6. Turn right on Townsend Street.
  7. Adobe offices will be on your left, at 601 Townsend Street.

Space is limited so register now to secure your spot!